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Observer Board

The main purpose of the Observer Board is to provide expert policy advice, ensuring the outcomes of the project are relevant and useful.

In addition, a representative of each government across the Celtic Seas has signed a Statement of Support, signalling their commitment to the aims of the Celtic Seas Partnership.

Dr Darius Campbell

Dr Darius CampbellExecutive Secretary, OSPAR Commission
Darius Campbell is the Executive Secretary for the OSPAR Commission, which is an intergovernmental organisation aiming to protect and conserve the North East Atlantic and its resources. OSPAR’s Contracting Parties include those members of the European Union with a coast opening onto (or a river system emptying into) the North East Atlantic. Before taking up his post in 2012, Darius was working for the UK’s Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs as a Deputy Director.

Dominic Pattinson

Dominic PattinsonHead of Marine Strategy Framework Directive Team, Defra
Dominic Pattinson works for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and, since October 2012, has led implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) in the UK. As part of this, he represents the UK on the EC’s Marine Strategy Coordination Group, co-chairs the MSFD Working Group on Economic and Social Affairs and has recently led a drafting group producing recommendations on the development of Programmes of Measures for the MSFD. He is also the UK’s representative on, and a co-convenor of, OSPAR’s Intercessional Correspondence Group on MSFD.

Anna Donald

Anna DonaldHead of Marine Planning Branch, Marine Scotland
Anna heads the Marine Planning and Strategy Branch within Marine Scotland, Scottish Government. The Branch deals with national and regional marine planning for Scottish waters and with the implementation of the MSFD for Scotland.

Hilary Evans

Hilary EvansMarine Planning Officer, Welsh Government, Marine and Fisheries Division
Hilary is the Project Manager for the delivery of the MSFD within the Welsh Government’s Marine Transition Programme. Hilary is responsible for managing and facilitating the delivery of the requirements of the MSFD for Wales and to put in place a programme of measures to help achieve or maintain Good Environmental Status in their waters by 2020.

Liz Charter, BSc. MSc. MCIEEM

Liz Charter, BSc. MSc. MCIEEMPrincipal Biodiversity Officer, Isle of Man Government
Liz has worked in nature conservation since 1978 when she joined the Nature Conservancy Council as a freshwater ecologist and botanist (England then Scotland). After 10 years in Orkney she moved to the Isle of Man to establish the conservation office for the Isle of Man Government. During the last 16 years she built up a biodiversity team, has developed site protection, managed the extension of the Convention on Biological Diversity to the island and the Biodiversity Strategy. She has also led Manx Marine Spatial Planning work, participating in the Irish Sea Forum, the Irish Sea Pilot project, the Irish Sea Maritime Forum and now the Celtic Seas Partnership Project.

Richard Cronin

Richard CroninDepartment of Environment, Community and Local Government, Government of Ireland
Richard is a Chartered Civil and Environmental Engineer with over 20 years of experience in a diverse range of subject fields. He currently works in the Marine Unit of the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government as a Technical Policy Adviser. His focus is on the implementation of the MSFD and the development of a programme of measures. He is interested in the interaction between science, policy development and stakeholders and how we can work towards common goals.

Susan Cramer

Susan CramerDepartment of the Environment Northern Ireland (DOENI)
Susan works in Marine Division within the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland. Marine Division is responsible for protecting Northern Ireland’s marine area while maximising the sustainable use of its resources. Susan is working on developing the MSFD Programme of Measures for Northern Ireland.