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Dr Jenny Oates

Jenny OatesProject Manager. WWF-UK
Jenny is responsible for leading and coordinating the Celtic Seas Partnership project, including the WWF team and partner organisations. Previously she was working for the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, providing advice on Marine Protected Areas in the UK. She completed her PhD in tropical marine ecology at the University of Cambridge.

Penny Wilson

Penny WilsonPolicy Officer. WWF-UK
Penny provides marine policy advice across the project and is responsible for the delivery of the Celtic Seas Future Trends project. Previously Penny worked for the Joint Nature Conservation Committee assessing the impacts of human activities on marine habitats and species. Penny has a degree in Natural Science from Durham University and a Masters in Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics.

Alex Peel

Alex PeelCommunications Officer. WWF-UK
Alex is responsible for promoting the project’s brand and communicating its key messages, successes and outputs. He has a background in environmental and science communication, having previously worked in the media team at the Natural Environment Research Council. Alex completed a Master’s in Science, Media and Communication at the University of Cardiff.

Sue Kidd

Sue KiddHead of Planning. University of Liverpool
Sue Kidd is leading the University of Liverpool’s contribution to the Celtic Seas Partnership project focusing on the establishment of an Irish Sea Maritime Forum Working Group. Sue is an academic and chartered town planner with an interest in coastal and marine planning. Her work in this field includes: the preparation of a management plan for the Mersey Estuary; leading a DETR funded study on Integrated Coastal Planning in the North West, coordinating an ESRC/NERC funded Trans-disciplinary Seminar Series on New Approaches to Managing Ecosystem Services in the Marine Environment; organising ESRC funded workshops that led to the establishment of the Irish Sea Maritime Forum; leading an ESPON Research Project on European Seas Territorial Development Opportunities and Risks (ESaTDOR), and involvement in the current DG Mare funded Trans-boundary Planning in the European Atlantic (TPEA) research project.

Elisabeth Vallet

Laure LamourDirector of SeaWeb Europe.
Elisabeth joined SeaWeb in October 2006 to develop the seafood programme of SeaWeb working with industry stakeholders to increase the market for sustainable seafood. Prior to SeaWeb, Elisabeth worked as the Communications and Project Manager of the European Council of Young Farmers in Brussels. She also worked for the European Commission at DG Environment and for a trade association on biofuels in France. Elisabeth has a master’s degree in Biology, and specialised in Environment and Communication.

Laure Lamour

Laure Lamour Stakeholder Engagement Officer for France. SeaWeb Europe.
Laure is working with marine stakeholders in France. She is the Project Manager for SeaWeb in the Paris office and one of her main responsibilities is to develop relationships with a broad range of sustainable seafood stakeholders such as culinary professionals. Laure completed her master’s degree in Fisheries Management Engineering in Rennes, France. She previously worked in the retailer sector as Sustainable Development Manager and in a Fishery and Aquaculture consultancy office as Project Officer.

Lynne McGowan

Lynne McGowanResearch Associate. University of Liverpool
Lynne is a Postdoctoral Research Associate within the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Liverpool, having previously studied there at undergraduate and PhD level. Lynne’s main research interests focus on maritime policy, marine spatial planning and integrated coastal management, most recently working on the “ESaTDOR: European Seas and Territorial Development, Opportunities and Risks” project funded by ESPON, the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion. Lynne is also a member of the steering group of the Irish Sea Maritime Forum.

Dawn Sellers

dsellersProject Officer. WWF-UK
Dawn supports the progress and impact of the project and leads on monitoring, evaluation and reporting. Dawn has worked in the conservation field for almost ten years, and has a Masters degree in coastal and marine resource management from the University of Portsmouth

Sarah Young

SarahStakeholder Engagement Officer, Wales and SW England. WWF-UK
Sarah helps marine users from Wales and southwest England to engage with each other and the Celtic Seas Partnership about the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.  She leads a stakeholder-focused future scenario project, the non-indigenous species Task Group and provides a secretariat for the Expert Advisory Group. Sarah has over ten years’ experience working with coastal communities across the world specialising in social and cultural aspects of marine governance; most recently as part of Monitoring Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas with the Universidad de Murcia.

Sam Tedcastle

Sam TedcastleStakeholder Engagement Officer, Scotland. WWF-UK
Sam’s role is to ensure that Marine Stakeholders in Scotland have the opportunity to be involved in the Celtic Seas Partnership, making sure that different perspectives and experiences are heard and understood. Working with stakeholders she will explore ways of resolving issues that arise to find constructive solutions. Sam has been has been working in the field of stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution for 15 years and has brought together policy makers, communities, the public and private sector to work through problems that face society and develop solutions that are relevant and work for everyone. She grew up in Banff, Aberdeenshire and studied for her Masters Degree in Environmental Science at Aberdeen University.

Geoff Nuttall

Geoff NuttallStakeholder Engagement Officer, Northern Ireland. WWF-UK
Geoff works with marine stakeholders in Northern Ireland to ensure their full involvement in the Celtic Seas Partnership Project, so that their views, experiences and best practice can inform the project and its outcomes, and that they can benefit fully from their involvement. Geoff has over ten years’ experience of working with varied stakeholders to develop solutions to marine and other environmental governance issues, most recently as the former Head of WWF Northern Ireland and previously as Policy and Campaigns Manager for the National Trust in Northern Ireland.

Caroline Salthouse

Caroline SalthouseStakeholder Engagement Officer, North West England. University of Liverpool
Caroline is assisting the University of Liverpool in their work on the Celtic Seas Partnership project and will be acting as the Stakeholder Engagement Officer for North West England. Caroline also provides the Secretariat for the North West Coastal Forum, a multi-sector partnership working together across boundaries to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits for coastal communities in North West England. She has extensive experience of coastal issues at both local and strategic levels and of coastal policy and planning work at regional, national and international levels; most recently helping to develop an indicator-based toolkit for sustainability in coastal municipalities across Europe as part of the INTERREG IVC-funded SUSTAIN project. Caroline has a Masters in Environmental Resources and lives on the North West coast, where she spends many a happy hour watching the sun go down over the Irish Sea.

Hilary May

Hilary MayAdministrative Officer, Wales. WWF-UK
Hilary provides administrative support to the Celtic Seas Partnership team. Hilary runs her own small business alongside her work at WWF and has previously worked on sustainable transport projects for Carbon Descent in London, and as PA to the Chief Executive at BTCV. She has a BSc in Ecology from University College London and an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London.

Sarah Twomey

Sarah TwomeyStakeholder Engagement for Ireland. MaREI, University College Cork
Sarah Twomey is responsible for coordinating project activities and linking up with stakeholders in the Republic of Ireland on behalf of the Coastal and Marine Research Centre (CMRC) based in Cork. Her research focuses on maritime governance issues including stakeholder participation in Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) and Integrated Maritime Policy. An experienced group facilitator with specific expertise in transboundary cross-sectoral stakeholder engagement strategies, Sarah has worked on number of EC-funded Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and MSP projects including TPEA, COEXIST, OSS 2015, PISCES SUSTAIN and stakeholder networks such as the Irish Sea Maritime Forum and the international MSP Research Network. Sarah holds a BSc. in Geography and Sports Science from Loughborough University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology and an MA in Integrated Coastal Zone Management and GIS from University College Cork. She is currently carrying out research for a PhD which is focusing on the effectiveness of stakeholder participation in the transboundary context.

Travis O’Doherty

Travis Dublin Bay Officer. Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly
Travis is a Research and Policy Officer for the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly (EMRA) in Dublin. He is working with a wide range of stakeholders to produce a Strategic Management Framework for Dublin Bay. Travis has a BSc in Environmental Science and a PhD in Sustainability Policy. He has worked extensively in academia and for both Local and Regional Authorities. Travis has previously worked on a number of EC-funded marine research projects including REMCAP and Harvest Atlantic.