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Developing management measures
Through our project we will be working with stakeholders to develop proposals for management measures. Depending on the nature of the measure, it will either be fed into government consultations on MSFD or it will be implemented by stakeholders. Find out more about developing management measures…

Offshore wind turbineBest Practice Guidelines
We’re producing a series of Best Practice Guidelines to support marine stakeholders in working and co-existing in ways which promote ‘Good Environmental Status’ in the Celtic Seas. The consultation on the draft guidelines is now closed…

Dublin BayDublin Bay
The Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly (one of the project partners) is developing a strategic management framework for Dublin Bay to assist the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. This will include working with a group of Dublin Bay Stakeholders. Find out more about the Dublin Bay framework and how you can get involved…

Future Trends in the Celtic Seas
Take a look at our interactive website analysing different future growth scenarios in the Celtic Seas and their potential effects on the marine environment.