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Best Practice Guidelines

The Celtic Seas Partnership is producing a series of Best Practice Guidelines to help marine stakeholders work and co-exist in ways which promote healthy, productive seas – towards the EU’s target of ‘Good Environmental Status’. 

The three sets of guidelines will cover:

  • transboundary marine governance – working across borders
  • co-location of marine renewable energy projects with other marine users and interests
  • conflict resolution and sectoral interaction between marine stakeholders

We have now produced these guidelines in draft, informed by:

–  facilitated discussions at our own national and multi-national workshops throughout 2015, and the Irish Sea maritime Forum MSFD/MSP Working Group workshop held in Belfast last September

–  comments from the project Observer Board and Expert Advisory Group

–  ten case study investigations and reports from across the Celtic Seas (and beyond), namely:

case study table

Thanks to all those who responded to the consultation on the draft guidelines. We are now reviewing your comments and will publish the final versions later in 2016.