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Country Fact Sheets – Marine Proofing for Good Environmental Status of the Sea

These Country Fact Sheets support the Marine Proofing for Good Environmental Status of the Sea: Good Practice Guidelines for Terrestrial Planning.  The Guidelines show how those involved in planning and development on the land can ‘Marine Proof’ their activities to promote ‘Good Environmental Status’ of the sea. They explain the ways in which onshore development can impact on marine ecosystems and the role terrestrial planning can play in delivering international obligations related to the protection and enhancement of the marine environment. They aim to promote integration of planning for the land and the sea by encouraging connection between terrestrial planning, the delivery of the European Union’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the new systems of marine planning.

The Guidelines have been produced to assist local authorities, developers and their agents, coastal partnerships, wildlife trusts, community groups and others involved in terrestrial planning to build concern for the quality of the marine environment into their activities.

To accompany the Guidelines a series of Country Fact Sheets have been prepared for countries which border the Celtic Seas – England, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These provide more detailed
information on the delivery of MSFD in each country and marine related planning guidance that is relevant to terrestrial planners working in each jurisdiction.

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