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Have your say on ideas for MSFD measures

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) has been introduced by the European Commission  to bring about Good Environmental Status in our seas.

What does this mean? What does Good Environmental Status look like? The aim is to get our seas back to their former glory and for marine activities and industry to be managed in a way that allows people and nature to thrive together.

The directive will be implemented through a number of measures, some that already exist and some that have yet to be developed. These measures will define the way that we use our seas, for work and for leisure. Naturally everyone that uses the sea has a vested interest in helping to shape these measures.

Our project is trying to do just that – help you to have a say in the measures that will regulate your activity. So far we see this happening in two ways:

1. By building understanding on MSFD and providing a place for discussion that will help you to confidently engage with and influence the development of legislative measures

2. By providing support for those involved with the project to work together on voluntary measures that would complement any legislative measures.

We want to hear what you think…

We started our discussions on measures at our workshop in Liverpool at the end of last year. We asked everyone that attended to come up with suggestions for measures that would help us to achieve Good Environmental Status in the Celtic Seas.

We had over 80 brainstorm ideas for potential measures and now we’d like to give others the opportunity to comment on these ideas and make their own suggestions before we decide which ones we should focus our efforts on during the project.

If you’d like to give some feedback please complete our survey