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Celtic Seas Workshops

The Celtic Seas Partnership held a series of international and national workshops throughout the project to provide opportunities for people to network at the Celtic Seas scale and to work collaboratively on some of the key issues facing the marine environment.

The project held three multi-national workshops and two rounds of national workshops in each of the Celtic Seas countries. The workshops covered a range of issues but the constant theme that ran through them all was the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

The workshops helped to improve understanding of the directive and also provided the opportunity for people to get actively involved in responding to policy consultations. Through the workshops participants developed ideas for management measures and the project then fed these into consultations on the MSFD Programme of Measures in France, Ireland and the UK. Some of the ideas were developed further and the work taken forward by task groups made up of different sectors and countries.

An evaluation of the project found that what people valued most about the project was the unique opportunity to meet and work with others from different sectors and different countries.

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